Friday, July 29, 2011

Koz's Korner: How It All Began. Just Call For Info!

When I began making these signs, I had no idea they were going to take off they way they have. Everyone seems to really love them! Of course I'm very pleased over that. I had some free time, wanted to work with my hands, had access to a lot of really gorgeous 200 year old old pieces of barn wood, and a nice place where I could relax and work. I had some ideas for what would be fun to put on some of the signs. Then friends and family started telling me how they see cheaply made mass-produced signs for 2 and 3 times what I charge! I really couldn't believe it. I started giving them as gifts and selling them at Flea Markets.

People began asking for certain things and themes, like the Jersey Shore in the summer, and specific raceway signs. The beer and liquor signs were always popular, and so were the ones about America. It got to where I couldn't wait to get home from work so I could spend time with my family and relax by working on my hobby: these signs. So that's how KOZS KORNER came to be.

Prices vary a little depending on how much work goes in, but I think you'll find that these signs, even custom ones, are pretty affordable, especially compared to what else is out there.

So let it be known I am not some big manufacturer making a bunch of stuff, and I'm not this very computer savy Ebay seller kinda guy. I'm just Dan! So if you'd like to buy one of my signs, that's great.

I'm in Washington, NJ

I think the best way to reach me is to give me a call. Just leave a message if I miss you. 908-328-2448

You can also email me at

I am planning to open an Etsy and an Ebay store to offer signs online. Until then, you can always see some of my signs at Scranberry Coop in Andover, NJ.

And you can also add me on Facebook to see new photos of signs I'm working on. Please bear with me while I launch this website and try to learn more about being online. Thanks for your understanding. I hope you see some signs you like and I look forward to hearing from you!

Koz's Korner at Scranberry Coop

These are the signs I have hanging for sale right now at Scranberry Coop, which is located at 42 Main Street/Route 206, Andover NJ.

All my signs are one-of-a-kind because of the uniqueness of the old aged barn wood and because I hand paint them myself. But I can recreate the idea of one, so if you see one you like and it's already sold just contact me and I can make something similar for you.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Five Acres Flea Market - Belvidere, NJ

Sometimes I have signs for sale at:

Five Acres Flea Market
421 US Highway 46
Belvidere, NJ 10823

Drop me a line first to see if I'll be there. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Koz's Korner Signs From the Past

Here's a gallery of photos from signs I've made in the past. Most of these are sold now. Some are custom jobs. Please remember each sign is unique a one of a kind. But if you see an idea you like here just let me know and I will try to recreate it or at least come close with something similar for you. Thanks!